Contact Us

During REMOTE Learning please email our Parent Coordinator or School Secretaries when needed:



Secretary :  Ms. Figueroa

Parent Coordinator: Mr. Colon 


Communication Systems

Name of Communication System

Who has access?

Steps to connect to this system

School Website


Public for all to see

Click the link below:

Text Messages


Private messages sent to family contact numbers on student emergency contact blue card.

Codes to join: 

6th Grade: 23c94h7

7th Grade: a86c4kg

8th Grade: b7gb6e

Social Media Reminders


Public for all to see



Email Blast


Private emails sent to parent/guardian email address.

Email parent coordinator and secretary to be added to the email blast.


Virtual Main Office 

on Google Classroom


Private Google Classroom linked to all @nycstudents accounts. Parent/guardian email addresses are added as guardians.

Code to join: 


Must view post from student @nycstudents account



Public for all to see

Click the link to view: 


Face-to-Face Letter Request

  • Please be aware, you have access to face to face letters via your NYC Schools Account
  • Please also be aware that in the event that we move to FULL remote instruction and/or our school building closes, we will be UNABLE to provide face to face letters until we are back in the Building.
  • When requesting a letter for Face-to-Face, Medicaid, or Food Stamps, you must bring in an official document from the Human Resource Administration (HRA).
  • Letters must be picked up in person. and I.D. must be shown when picking up the letter. For your protection, no letters will be given out to anyone other than the parent or guardian.
  • Face-to-Face, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Housing, I.R.S. or other letters certifying that your child is registered at IS 291 Ronald Hayes, please click here and fill out the request form.